These testimonials are from customers’ letters and e-mails about Imerman Cakes.  (We edited only for spelling and punctuation.)

“Your cakes were a huge hit with our clients!  I’m sure you have been hearing that a lot, but everyone who received it had nothing but good things to say about them.  It’s safe to say that we will be ordering more in the future!”

~ Melissa in Livonia, MI

“I went to Vince & Joe’s Market and picked up one of the organic chocolate chip cakes to serve for my mom’s 70th birthday.  DELISH!!!  It received 5 stars from our group!”

~  Gina in Rochester, MI

“Thank you for these delicious cakes!”

~ Melinda in Chicago, IL

“I got groceries at Plum Market for a good friend, who just had surgery and was feeling horrible.  Of all the things I dropped off, he cared about the cake the most and ate it first.  He said, ‘For some reason, this little cake feels like the nicest thing possible.’  That’s the exact reason I’ve bought your mini cakes in the past.  Because in all these great ways, it always feels like the ‘nicest thing possible.’  Thanks for making something that so easily enables the sharing of that kind of happiness.”

~ Liz in Chicago, IL

“Thought you might like to hear how well your chocolate chip cake went over with a group I had at my home Monday night.  I bought a cake at Market Square in Birmingham and served it to my group and they went nuts.  Seven guys and they polished off the cake, and if I had a second they might have gone to town on that.  Keep up the great work.”

~ Stanley in West Bloomfield, MI

“I wanted to let you know that the mini cake I took home yesterday was the moistest cake I’ve ever eaten!!  It was fantastic.”

~ Felicia in West Bloomfield, MI

“I bought a few of your cakes for my mother’s birthday party, and they were by FAR the favorite dessert on my table.”

~ Kathy in Shelby Township, MI

“I brought an Imerman Cake to a holiday party, and it was gone in minutes. It was delicious!”

~ Katie in Bloomfield Hills, MI

“At the Birmingham Farmers Market, I bought a small cinnamon cake.  I ate it with a friend.  It was amazing!  So amazing that I did not let her take home the rest of the cake!  I can tell you that this will be my go-to dessert for the holidays, and I will give it as my corporate treat to clients as well.  Your mission makes it that much more special.”

~ Beth in Birmingham, MI

“I was recently given a small Organic Chocolate Chip Coffeecake, and I was very impressed with the flavor and ingredients.  We wish you the best as a local business that supports the growth of our community.”

~ Gail in Bloomfield Township, MI

“I shared the cake with everyone who came over to the party.  My family and friends loved it!  Unfortunately for me, I only got one piece, but that’s okay because sharing is caring, right?!”

~ Alyssa in Novi, MI

“I have to tell you, your cake was a HIT with our family!  My kids loved both flavors!  The cakes at our July 4th gathering was gone in 5 minutes!  Amazing!”

~ Ila in West Bloomfield, MI

“My family and I really enjoyed the cake.  I must admit that I had my doubts because it was organic, but I ended up having three slices!  Bottom line, good stuff!”

~ Tim in Troy, MI

“What a pleasure it was to meet you both Saturday evening in Rochester.  Your cakes are delicious, and the story behind the founding of Imerman Cake Company is heart-warming, especially for those who know the word ‘cancer.’  I froze my cake for Christmas Eve.  I know it will add a special touch to our breakfast feast.”

~ Shirah in Rochester, MI

“I was introduced to your cakes at The Birmingham Community House.  The cakes were very good, but what appeals to me most is the fact that they are organic and made with natural ingredients.”

~ Rackeline in Birmingham, MI

“I cannot get over how delicious the cakes are!  You have an excellent product!”

~ Joanna in New York, NY

“I just bought my first chocolate chip coffee cake, and it was the best store-bought cake I have ever bought.  I love to bake, but I needed a dessert this week and didn’t have time to bake, so I bought your cake and it tasted better than any cake that I could have made.  Thanks for a quality product!”

~ Sharon in West Bloomfield, MI

“I wanted to thank you so much for the delicious cake.  It was so fresh and moist and once I started eating it, I couldn’t stop!”

~ Mindy in New York, NY

“We recently received the cinnamon cake from your company as a gift.  We had it as a dessert with several of our friends at a get-together.  The cake was very delicious, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.  Thank you very much for making such delicious cakes.  We will surely order them in the future!”

~ Prasanna in St. Louis, MO

“That cinnamon cake is ridiculously!!  Sam said, ‘MMMMMM … Dad … This is so good it could even be my birthday cake for  my birthday party!”

~ Jon in Cos Cob, CT

“I had to email and tell you that Cooper that loves the chocolate chip cake!  He only eats the frosting off any other cake, and he does not eat muffins, pastries, or donuts (except for the icing and sprinkles).  I gave him the chocolate chip cake and assumed that he would just pick out the chocolate chips.  He ate the entire piece!  I let him have another slice this morning for breakfast, and he ate it all again!”

~ Angela in Castle Rock, CO

“It was difficult to hold off tearing into the box on Friday when the cake was delivered, but it was worth the wait.  We all LOVED it!   I kid you not – my dad proclaimed that from now on, this is ‘his’ cake.  A highlight of our Mother’s Day brunch!  We’ll definitely be ordering again!”

~ Vicky in Astoria, NY

“I just bought two Imerman Cakes at Holiday Market to take to my barbecue party today.  They were phenomenal!”

~ Vivian in Ferndale, MI

“Imerman Cakes are the greatest!  They are a staple in our home.  Thanks for making these great tasting organic family recipes available to the public.  Coffee cake isn’t just for breakfast anymore!”

~ Jon in Huntington Woods, MI

“Thank you so much for your wonderful Imerman Cake.  We had a family dinner of 22 people for Easter.  Your cake was the first thing to go!  They gobbled it down!  Thank you so much for the cake and for making our holiday special.”

~ Hugh in Potomac, MD

“I love your cakes!  They are so delicious and full of great flavor!”

~ Judy in New York, NY

“Your mini cakes are amazing!  My husband and I split one, and it was amazing!  That’s a great size!”

~ Kathie in Bloomfield Hills, MI

“Thank you for the great cake!  I served it when we had some friends over, and there was a remarkable response.  Everyone really liked it, especially the two gentlemen whom I had never known to eat cake; they had a second serving and talked about how surprised they were at how much they enjoyed it.  This product will be popular!”

~ Carol in Troy, MI

“I ate the whole big chocolate chip cake all by myself!  And funny thing is, I never eat sweets!!!”

~ George in Troy, MI

“I just tried an Imerman Cake for the first time at a recent book club meeting.  Loved it!!  The hostess had warmed up the cake and the chocolate just oozed out of the center.  Perfect treat!”

~ Martha in Bloomfield Hills, MI

“I can’t believe there are no nuts in the Cinnamon Imerman Cake!  The streusel is so rich and crunchy!”

~ Carole in Birmingham, MI

“The cakes were delicious!  My boys loved them!  I want to buy two of them for the wedding rehearsal brunch that I’m having at my house.”

~ Frances in Farmington Hills, MI

“I didn’t know organic cakes existed.  I’m really into eating as healthy as possible — no artificial ingredients or GMOs or high fructose corn syrup or bad stuff like that.  And these cakes taste great too.”

~ Debbie in Royal Oak, MI

“I’m a big fan of Imerman Angels and supporting the fight against cancer.  Way to go Imerman Cakes!!”

~ Joan in Birmingham, MI

“My favorite part about Imerman Cake Company is that it’s a family business.  It’s great to see a family work well together and make a positive impact in the community.”

~ Roger in Franklin, MI